Warning Signs of ILLEGAL COPIES!!!

Below are some of the warning signs you should look for before you buy. It's the fakes and frauds and illegal copies that are hurting this for everyone on here, but I understand looking for a deal. In today’s economy we all try to save money when we can. So if you insist on getting it here please avoid any listing with the following in them because they are most likely fakes.

#1. IF YOU SEE "No NUTRITION GUIDE,NO CALENDER, NO WORKOUT GUIDE STAY AWAY" Its just not cost effective for the pirates out there to copy the guides, but it's easy to copy the DVD's.

#2. They also list shorter versions of the title. Only listing P90 instead of P90X but are selling P90X. P90 is another program we sell. But if you see P90X under P90 stay away! You will also see this on Google ads. If you see things like P-90-X or P 90 X with spaces or P_90_X Stay away these are mostly fakes from China and they have to list it that way because Beachbody owns the Trade Marked name "P90X" and won't let anyone but Beachbody use it. But they do let the variations of it get listed ..... Why? I don't Know? It definitly adds to the problem.

#3. If you see download P90X for free this is also an Illegal download.

#4. Also lookout for people selling the books and DVDs separate. I have seen each sell for $75 or more why would you want to pay $150 for something you can get both for $119.85... With so many fakes out there the books, workout calendars, and nutrition guides, have become valuable by themselves. So they break them up to rip you off.